Mother, 28, nearly loses her baby to sepsis after GPs and hospital staff turn her away dismissing the deadly disease as ‘only a virus’ and telling the pair to go home

The vital need for the NHS to get on top of the sepsis scandal has been highlighted after health staff failed to recognise the deadly condition in a baby girl.

Eleven-month-old Peggy Bradford almost died after she was turned away by a GP and a hospital.

Her distraught mother Emma said she was repeatedly told the infant had a virus and should go home. bandar poker online

But the 28-year-old beautician woke in the early hours to find her daughter’s skin had turned grey and her lips were blue – and called 999.

Peggy was taken to hospital, where doctors confirmed she had the potentially deadly condition sepsis.

Mrs Bradford yesterday decided to speak out to warn other parents – and said her baby would have died if it weren’t for her ‘mother’s instinct’ that told her something was wrong.

Hitting out at the ‘catalogue of NHS blunders’, she said: ‘If I’d listened to both my GP and hospital staff who were telling me my baby just had a virus then she wouldn’t be here now.

‘It’s only because I knew that something was seriously wrong with her. No-one would listen to me, and that is quite terrifying when you are convinced that your tiny baby is really ill.’

The Daily Mail’s End the Sepsis Scandal campaign has battled to prevent needless deaths from the condition, which is notoriously difficult to diagnose.

But it seems cases are still being missed despite a Government-funded awareness campaign and tough new NHS rules designed to speed up diagnosis and treatment.

Mrs Bradford took her daughter to her GP with a temperature on January 11 but claims her concerns were dismissed.

She asked for a second opinion and was told to take her to Peterborough City Hospital.

But nurses allegedly told her it was a virus and sent her home later that day with the painkiller Ibuprofen.

It was only when her husband Craig, 31, a lorry driver, got up for work at 3.40am the next day and turned their bedroom light on that Mrs Bradford saw how poorly Peggy was and called for an ambulance.